Structure & Organization


The Pathfinder Club is a worldwide program organized and directed by the Youth Department of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It offers a wide range of learning experiences for young people 10 to 16 years of age and is operated by the local Seventh-day Adventist church under the direction an control of the local conference Jr. Youth Director.

Each Pathfinder Club is administered by a club director, deputy directors, counselors, instructors, chaplain, secretary, and treasurer. The club is divided into separate units, each unit averaging between six to eight Pathfinders, including a captain and scribe.

Pathfinder Chart Organization

  • Pathfinder Club Members
  • Counselors & Instructors
  • Directors & other support staff
  • Club Director
  • Local Church Board
  • Area Coordinators
  • Local Conference Pathfinder Director
  • Union Pathfinder Director
  • Division Pathfinder Director
  • General Conference Pathfinder Director

The Pathfinder Club has a flag, bearing the Pathfinder’s Club Emblem. The flag is flown at local and conference Pathfinder programs and activities. There is a specially designed full-dress uniform and also a field uniform.

The Pathfinder Club has a Pledge and Law, highlighting the spiritual basis on which the club is built.

The club operates on a 9, 10, 11, or12 month calendar year, with a weekly or biweekly program of at least 1, 2, or 3 hours' duration. Within this 1, 2, or 3 hour period the Pathfinders perform drill and marching, crafts and/or hobbies and games, as well as taking part in devotional activities and class work.

There are six classes, with given names, which begin at 10 years of age and conclude at 15 years. Each class is represented by a chosen color as listed.

*Friend - 10 years - Blue

*Companion - 11 years - Red

*Explorer - 12 years - Green

*Ranger - 13 years - Silver

* Voyager - 14 years - Burgundy

*Guide - 15/16 years - Gold

At the completion of the classwork requirements, the Pathfinder receives insignia

as an award consisting of a pin, Pathfinder Class pocket strip and chevron at a

special Investiture service.

Note: Information taken from GC Youth Ministries website.

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